This Cat Enjoyed Meowing Nonstop, But When He Went Silent, His Family Knew Something Was Wrong

Saint George, Utah. Ryan and Addison absolutely adore their talkative boy, Kaleo.

Kaleo is a Tabby cat who Ryan and Addison believe has the soul of a dog inside him due to his affectionate and cuddly personality.

There is also a fun story behind the kitty’s name and how he became their family. He was given the name Kaleo, which means loud noise in Hawaiian, because of how loud and consistent he would “meow” every day.

“His loud singing, chirping, calls, and affectionate meows have reminded us he is always with us,” Addison stated. “Usually right behind us, and we wind up spinning to avoid stepping on him.”

In fact, Ryan and Addison are his second adopted family. Kaleo was returned to the shelter by his first adopter because of his loud voice. But now, he has found a family that appreciates who he is.

Kaleo was adopted along with his biological sister, Fiona. According to Addison, the two siblings are inseparable.

“Him (Kaleo) and Fiona will double team any trouble that walks up to our front door like a good pair of guard dogs,” she said.

This family of four has been through a lot of traveling between states. Ryan and Addison adopted the two kitties when they were still students in Idaho, Arizona, and Utah. Both Kaleo and Fiona have a child-like, fun, yet mischievous personalities.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Kaleo (at the back) with Fiona

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