This Cat Enjoyed Meowing Nonstop, But When He Went Silent, His Family Knew Something Was Wrong

“(They) loved going on road trips with us to visit family in California. And always up for purposely irritating the family dog,” Addison said.

So when something stopped Kaleo from being happy and active, it is gradually broke Ryan and Addison’s hearts.

In January, Ryan and Addison noticed that Kaleo became abnormally quiet after a dental cleaning/surgery.

Shortly after the minor surgery, he also developed a severe head tilt and lost his balance and coordination.

Unfortunately, it took Kaleo several checkups to confirm that the fur baby had gotten a pituitary tumor.

What makes the situation more difficult for the couple is that there were no treatment options in Southern Utah, where the family currently lives.

“We’ve searched far and wide and been told again and again, ‘there’s nothing we can do for you,'” Addison stated.

But eventually, they found PetCure Oncology in Gilbert, Arizona and the hospital offered the only treatment, which is called the SRS Radiation treatment, for the type of tumor Kaleo has. However, the biggest obstacle has yet to come–the cost of the surgery.

Ryan and Addison were quoted $11,000 in total for Kaleo’s treatment, depending on some variables of the days of treatment. Due to this significant number, the couple humbly turned to the GoFundMe community to ask for some help.

The family arrived in Arizona on April 24, and Kaleo immediately started his radiation treatments from the 26th to the 29th.

According to the updates, the treatments ended well, and they were able to return home on the last day of April.

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