This Dad Canceled His Daughter’s Graduation Party For Being A Bully And His Daughter Lost Out On A $40,000 Graduation Present Too

Eugenio Marongiu - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A dad has 3 children of his own, and his youngest daughter just graduated from high school. 6 months ago, this dad learned that his daughter and his daughter’s friends have been bullying his stepdaughter during school.

He was able to talk to one of his stepdaughter’s friends to get more information on what was going on, and it seems that his daughter’s friends were more of the instigators while his daughter stood by and laughed.

“I think this made her just as culpable as her friends,” he explained. “Even if my daughter claims that she can’t control what other people say about her stepsister.”

“So the consequence of this was to cancel the graduation party I normally throw for my children who graduated.”

“In the past, I have had an aunt who gave each child a $40,000 check to use for their college. It’s been a huge help because my ex and I aren’t well off. She gave these checks at the graduation parties.”

As soon as his aunt found out that he canceled his daughter’s graduation party, his aunt wanted to know if the party was going to get postponed or if this meant it was canceled for good.

He informed his aunt that yes, he was canceling his daughter’s ability to have a party for good and that was that.

His aunt did say that she still wanted to give his daughter a check for $40,000, so they made plans to get together and his aunt could give his daughter the generous graduation present then.

“Unfortunately, my aunt passed away a month after what should’ve been the party date,” he said.

Eugenio Marongiu – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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