This Family Already Maxed Out Their Credit Cards Paying For Their Child’s Medical Bills, And Now Their Rescue Puppy Needs Open Chest Surgery

Midge, a sweet pup, was recently welcomed into a family and instantly became a special companion to not only the children but her sister, an older amputee Red Heeler, Mercury.

Within the first week of accepting their beautiful rescue pup, Midge was diagnosed with PRAA, a vascular ring anomaly, which is a congenital disease.

After feeding Midge dry food, the family would notice it would trigger her into vomiting. While she had no issues with wet food, she still had weeping eyes, and a slight fever, all while being completely covered in ticks.

Thankfully, the family found a fantastic vet willing to listen and give Midge the help she so badly needed.

“We had already called the vet before picking her up to get her in ASAP, knowing she was coming from rough conditions as a rescue,” Midge’s family wrote on a GoFundMe page.

“The vet saw her just two days after picking her up, and Midge received all of her dewormed and the first round of shots.”

While visiting the vet, the family explained what would happen when Midge ate dry food. The vet then asked to keep her overnight to observe her actions.

“Our brilliant Vet worked up labs and took X-Rays,” Midge’s family said. “We brought Midge home for the weekend and followed up with more X-Rays on Monday.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Midge

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