This Ferret Fell 4 Stories After Chewing His Way Out Of An AC Unit But He Miraculously Survived

Meet Todd, the miraculous ferret who survived a four-story fall from his parent’s apartment in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was still able to crawl his way back home.

Todd’s mom, Lily Olsen, described the incident when they found out Todd had chewed and clawed his way through their apartment’s AC unit, which caused him to fall from the window accidentally.

Todd was missing for closer to 22 hours while Lily and her partner, Carter, searched frantically everywhere. Eventually, Todd slowly limped back to the front door of their apartment.

But of course, he was severely injured. Lily explained that Todd had “suffered a very fractured femur on his back left leg and fractured canine.”

Because of those severe injuries, his back left leg would have to be amputated, and one of his canines would be removed as well.

Fortunately, becoming a three-leg ferret would not affect Todd’s mobility. But Lily added that Todd also suffered a burst lung cavity, causing gas to be released into his abdomen.

Todd is a small creature with a big spirit. His vet was very impressed that Todd was just as playful and curious as he always is despite undergoing a lot of trauma and pain.

He was also very friendly to all the staff at the hospital and would “try to play with them and eagerly accept pets.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Todd

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