This Ferret Fell 4 Stories After Chewing His Way Out Of An AC Unit But He Miraculously Survived

Although his injuries were treatable, the operations were not cheap. Lily had updated that the surgeries themselves were around $1,500 “if there are no complications and extenuating circumstances.”

The aftercare treatments for Todd will also be another $1,500.

Lily and Carter also went further to make sure anything that would cause harm to Todd in their apartment was “ferret proof,” so things like falling off the window would never happen again.

As of April 25, Todd had undergone successful surgery and was in stable condition. He was quickly on his recovery journey where his eating, drinking, mobility, and personality all seemed great (he was wobbling around his cage to greet the nurses).

Todd was able to go home with Lily and Carter the next day of his surgery and is now resting to recover.

If you like to follow up on Todd’s journey and show him some support, please visit Lily’s GoFundMe page.

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