This French Bulldog Needed Surgery To Help Correct The Damage Done By A Spinal Cord Disease

San Rafael, California. Bear deserves to live a fully healthy and happy life with his beloved family like all animals.

Bear is a black-haired French Bulldog who lives a happy life with his mom, Jessica Fusello.

Jessica described that one of Bear’s favorite things to do is to give out kisses, besides eat blueberries, get his belly rubbed, and soak up the sunshine.

However, the cute little pup has been going through some health struggles lately that no one wishes to see happening to him.

Bear was diagnosed with Lumbosacral stenosis earlier this year, which is ​​a disease that affects the spinal cord and the nerves around the area where the spinal column meets the pelvis.

Bear was also confirmed to have a herniated disc, which was diagnosed with a physical exam and X-ray.

The news was heartbreaking to Jessica, especially seeing Bear being in extreme discomfort and barely able to stand.

She revealed that although Bear had received a pain-relief injection and anti-inflammatory, the symptoms did not ease up for him too much. He also had to be crated for about five to six weeks.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Bear

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