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This Little Girl Became The First 4-Year-Old To Ever Be Part Of The Catskill Mountain 3500 Club

Luna Pelton is one of the coolest first graders you will ever get to meet.

At only 6-years-old, Luna has completed every single designated hiking trail inside the Catskill Mountains.

After hiking around 250 miles in September, she has officially completed the Catskill Mountain Club’s All Trails Challenge.

“Luna started pretty young,” said Luna’s father, Jason Pelton, in an interview with the Middleburgh Central School District.

“She rode on my back in a child carrier pack, but those don’t count toward any of the accomplishments she’s done. It was just to bring her along with us.”

Luna often went on hikes with her father and eventually grew out of the carrier, ready to start walking and hiking on her own. As she grew older and stronger, Luna and her dad would hike together 2-3 times a week.

Jason would sometimes even allow Luna to skip school in order to go hiking together, saying that “There’s tons of teaching and learning out there – it’s the greatest classroom.” The father and daughter duo really do enjoy a good challenge.

Although she’s one tough first-grader, Jason makes sure that Luna has plenty of protection to keep her safe.

Middleburgh Central School District; pictured above is Luna

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