This Sheltie Named Nuri Accidentally Got Into A Supplement For People And Miraculously Recovered Even After There Was Nothing Else Veterinarians Could Do To Help

After a week of staying at the vet, the hospital gave terrible news to Cherie and Jenna that there was nothing they could do with Nuri, and they had to take her home.

Cherie and Jenna didn’t give up though. Although Nuri was still ill during the update on April 14, Jenna and Cherie started changing up her medicines, giving her low-level laser therapy, and having Nuri receive acupuncture. 

Nuri has shown off her fighting spirit as she returned from death twice. Although she became very frail after being on the potent heavy metal chelating drugs provided by the vet school, her HCT is slowly coming back up from 12 to 28 with close monitoring of her medication. 

Miraculously, in an update provided on May 3rd, Nuri was nearly back to her old self after a long battle.

“Miracles do happen ( with the help of medicine and prayers!),” their update said. “Nuri is almost back to normal in every way possible!”

If you want to read more about Nuri’s story and follow up on her condition, please visit the GoFundMe here.

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