When She Adopted Her Kitten, She Was Told He Would Outgrow His Medical Problems, But He Hasn’t

Chicago, Illinois. MacKenzie Trexler is grateful for her two wonderful fur babies, Bean and Flynn, who always bring her tons of joy every day.

Especially for Bean with his cuddly and sweet personality. The kitty is currently 11-months-old and loves curling up on MacKenzie’s laps. Bean also bonds with Flynn, MacKenzie’s other cat. The two do everything together everywhere. They are just inseparable.

Unfortunately, MacKenzie found out last month that sweet little Bean has a liver shunt, which could be fatal if left untreated.

When MacKenzie first adopted Bean, she was informed about Bean’s liver issues. However, the staff at the rescue allegedly told her it wasn’t something too concerning, and Bean would eventually outgrow the problems with dietary supplements.

It turns out that wasn’t the case. With Bean’s vet’s careful examinations, the hospital told MacKenzie that Bean was born with this fatal condition, and testing was never done to rule out a liver shunt.

A liver shunt is an illness where the liver cannot filter out the toxicity of blood, so with this condition, Bean’s blood isn’t appropriately purified, which would slowly start poisoning him.

In addition, Bean would start experiencing painful neurological symptoms and even seizures if left untreated.

Cats with liver shunts also tend to have short lives. Two years is the average number for how long those cats could live.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Bean

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