36 Years Ago She Went Missing After Going To A Club And For Over A Week Now, Texas EquuSearch Has Been Diligently Searching For Her Remains After Her Killer Led Them To A Location

Last year, Becky’s daughter tried to meet with Paul, the man who took away her mom’s life, but he declined.

A few months after that, Becky’s daughter visited the house where Paul had killed her mom, and she and some of her loved ones tried to see if they could find her body there.

“In October 2021, we went to the house my mother was murdered in,” Becky’s daughter said. “We believed she possibly could’ve been under the house.”

“I can’t describe the feeling of watching my grandmother and aunt crawling under a house and digging for my mother’s remains.”

“We felt her all around us. Between the dogs and GPR….no detectable remains were found…We made the decision that day, that if Paul Taylor would tell us where she was, we would no longer fight his parole and he could be released from prison.”

In March of this year, Paul was offered that deal that Becky’s daughter had discussed with her family.

If Paul was willing to provide the location of Becky’s remains, Becky’s family was ready to stop contesting his parole.

Paul agreed to the deal, and he even submitted to a polygraph test, which confirmed that he was not lying about the location of Becky’s remains.

Although that location was extensively searched, Becky was still not recovered. At the end of last month, a volunteer-run non-profit called Texas EquuSearch began helping to search for Becky in Angleton, and they’ve been looking for more than 10 days now.

“Volunteers have come out day after day in the blistering sun focused on finding her remains,” Texas EquuSearch shared in an update on June 4th.

Progress is slowly going, as everyone is searching across a bigger area than they previously had focused on.

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