After A Little Girl Started Throwing Tantrums At Her Daughter’s 10th Birthday Party, She Asked This Girl And Her Mom To Leave

Galina Zhigalova - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 35-year-old mom has a daughter, Alicia, who just celebrated her 10th birthday last week. This weekend, she threw Alicia a party at a place that had bouncy houses and an indoor trampoline.

One girl Alicia insisted on inviting to her party is Quinn, and this mom is not a fan of Quinn or Quinn’s mom Liz.

“I do not like Liz because she spoils Quinn to the point that she’s impossible to discipline, she doesn’t listen, and is very self-centered,” she explained.

“Quinn is so spoiled that she throws tantrums whenever the attention isn’t on her, so I was afraid this would be an issue at the party but Alicia really wanted her there.”

“So Alicia gets her cake and Liz actually asked me if Quinn could blow out the candles with my daughter because her daughter was about to pitch a fit.”

She declined, and Alicia didn’t want that either. As soon as they had said it wasn’t going to happen, Quinn burst into tears.

Luckily, all the rest of the partygoers paid no attention to Quinn, and they enjoyed their cake. Then, it was time to open presents, and Quinn’s behavior escalated.

“Quinn threw a full-blown tantrum when she saw Alicia opening all her presents from her family and friends,” she said.

“She screamed about wanting one of Alicia’s gifts and how it wasn’t fair how she was “getting everything.” It was so embarrassing because even people outside of our party room heard.”

Galina Zhigalova – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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