After Going Missing For Five Years, This Pup Named Ginger Was Finally Reunited With Her Owner

While separated, Barney went on to adopt a new furry friend and even welcome a baby into his family.

Nonetheless, he never stopped thinking about Ginger. Now, she has finally been returned to her home and is ready to “make up for lost time.”

The Humane Society’s uplifting post quickly gained nearly five thousand likes and hundreds of comments. People everywhere shared their joy for the pair.

“Look how happy she is to have her daddy back! This is so heartwarming. Thank you for showing the power of love for our pets,” one user commented.

“They both are beaming! So happy that Ginger is back with her loved ones,” added a second user.

Barney has since responded to the numerous supporters with love and gratitude.

“I thank everyone; prayers do get answered. Ginger is back home and doing well. Thank you again for the love and support. All of you are so amazing– love you all,” Barney commented.

To read the full post detailing Barney and Ginger’s reunion, visit the link here.

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