After This Dog Shelter Suffered From A Power Outage, The Community Quickly Came Together To Save All The Dogs From The Heat Wave

Some of the ice was used in kitty pools to keep dogs cool, and some of the ice was put directly into the kennels so dogs could choose to lay on the ice or chew on the cubes.

A day later, the power was thankfully back on! In a video update, Kaye Persinger, the Director of the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center, said, “We moved a lot of the dogs who were critical and being monitored into some vans with air conditioning.”

“When we realized this was going to be more of a long-term thing, we put a plea out to the public, to our Columbus community.”

“I have to tell you the reason all these dogs are here today, we did not lose any of them, is because of the love and support of our community.”

“Just an outpouring of love that I have never witnessed before.”

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