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He Booked A Beach Vacation For Him And His Fiancée, But Then She Insisted On Bringing Along Her 10-Year-Old Son Last Minute And He’s Upset

He has been trying to not make waves, but after he booked a beach vacation for just him and Natalie and she insisted on bringing along Taylor at the last minute, he’s upset.

The trip was booked for last weekend, and it was meant to be a getaway just for him and Natalie so they can get that quality time to themselves that he feels they have been greatly lacking.

The evening prior to him and Natalie leaving for their vacation, she told him that her ex wasn’t feeling well and wanted her to take Taylor.

She had said yes, without consulting with him, and then she wanted to bring her son on their romantic getaway.

He couldn’t believe why she said yes, especially since her mom will frequently step in to watch her son if needed.

“I got upset and told her to not bother because the trip was officially canceled,” he said. “She looked at me shocked but I told her she shouldn’t act shocked and surprised after she successfully ruined yet another opportunity for us to have quality, alone time together.”

“She went on about how she couldn’t believe that I expect her to ditch her son since her mom was busy as well and getting a babysitter wasn’t on the table, I just shrugged and told her it was done then I walked out.”

“I went with the guys instead and she has been upset with me about it saying I could’ve just agreed to let my stepson Tylor come with us and we would’ve at least had some family time together while Tom gets better.”

He really wants Natalie to be more considerate of his feelings and make him feel as if he’s an equal participant in making plans together. Still, Natalie is convinced that he’s the one who messed up here, and he’s wondering if she’s right. What do you think?

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