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He Told His Girlfriend That She Should Probably Dress More Like One Of His Female Friends And She’s Angry With Him

After dancing around the topic, he got right to the point. He told his girlfriend that he likes the way his friend Anna styles herself.

Anna is a girl he met in grad school that he is still friends with, and his girlfriend has spent a lot of time around Anna.

“Anna is well known in the entire school for being fashionable and well dressed,” he said. “My friends and I are always amazed that she dresses 10/10 even on exams week and joke about how she should have gone into modeling.”

“My GF then asks “oh, so you think Anna dresses better than me?” I tell her “that’s not true, I like the way she dresses but I also like the way you dress too.”

“But she is already too angry and starts ranting about how I am too picky and judgmental about her, how she doesn’t have time to dress the way I want her to, how I should appreciate her for how she is, how I don’t dress well myself and don’t have the right to ask her to change her clothes, etc.”

His girlfriend definitely did not appreciate him comparing her outfits to Anna’s, and she was furious with him.

He ended up walking away from her and left to go to a friend’s place. He filled his friend in on what happened and his friend couldn’t believe that he was so insensitive as to compare his girlfriend to Anna in any way.

He genuinely wasn’t trying to make his girlfriend feel bad, yet he clearly did, so he’s wondering if it was wrong of him to suggest that his girlfriend try dressing like Anna in the first place.

Do you think he was way too honest with his girlfriend about her clothes?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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