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He Went On A First Date With A Girl Who Didn’t Look Like Her Photos So He Broke Things Off, But Then She Sent Him A Lengthy Text Message That Has Him Questioning If He Handled Things In The Best Way

He did say sorry, and this girl was not happy with the answer he gave to her, yet she asked if they could remain friends.

A day later, he didn’t text her at all, so she ended up sending him this lengthy message:

Hey, I’m really struggling to get passed what you said to me on Saturday. I know it was just one date, but I’ve never connected with someone so easily before. I was incredibly shocked by the outcome after such a great date…

It’s because of this I’m unable to move forward. When you told me the length of time that you’ve been here, I had my doubts that anything would come of our interaction. I’m just perplexed as to why you were on a dating app…what past anxieties did my presence happen to flare for you? I was willing to wait.

We had spoken for a few weeks now, every day, from morning until night. Why did it take meeting me for you to realize that you don’t want to be with me? – or supposedly anyone else for that matter. I feel weak for admitting this, but it’s really knocked my confidence.

Your words were stated in an “it’s not you, it’s me” manner, but with no room for discussion or elaboration. So I can’t help but run in circles in my head thinking that maybe I was genuinely that awful in person, but you couldn’t tell me.

That’s alright too, really. We haven’t spoken today, and it guts me. I don’t want to bother you and yet I want to talk so badly. I’m sorry. ‘If anything, outside of my feelings for you, I do really enjoy your company in a platonic sense too.

Your sense of humor is one of the best I’ve had the joy to experience. I think you’re a really positive and charismatic person. Your creativity is unparalleled and I love that I could talk to you about that topic. Whenever you’re ready, whoever gets you will be very lucky. Sorry but it’s weighing heavily on my chest.

Well, after that message, he’s certainly questioning if he handled things in the best way. What do you think?

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