Her 15-Year-Old Friend Is Dating A Guy 4 Years Older Than Her Online, And She’s Wondering If This Is Alarming

byswat - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A girl has a 15-year-old friend who is currently in high school, but it seems that they’re not quite friends anymore after what just went down between them.

Her friend began dating a 19-year-old guy online in September of last year.

Initially, her friend mentioned that this guy was in high school too, so she never gave him a second thought as she didn’t feel that it was her place to pry into her friend’s personal life.

However, someone revealed to her that this guy her friend was dating was not in high school at all; he was actually 19 and much older than her friend.

The person who told her this information is another mutual friend who was extremely upset and concerned for their friend for dating someone who is in fact, not in high school.

“So I and our friend group took the actions we could, to try and protect our friend from this relationship, that seems very much like a grooming situation (we had complied evidence that helped support our reasoning),” she explained.

“Anyways, basically we told their parents about this relationship, and our friend got very upset (reasonably so), and from what they have been posting on social media, it’s kind of obvious they’re still together.”

It kind of seems that her friend’s parents didn’t do much to stop her relationship since her friend is still publicly sharing things that indicate she’s still dating her online boyfriend.

Sadly, she’s pretty much losing her friend after she tried to do what was best for her by expressing her concern.

byswat – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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