Her Boyfriend Just Told Her That He’s Feeling Sad And Uneasy Shopping For An Engagement Ring

“He kept using the word “block” saying there is a block in his mind. He has been going into ring shops and explained that when he goes he feels an uneasy feeling shopping.”

Instead of enjoying the process, her boyfriend is pretty much hating it. He feels sad and uncomfortable as he looks at engagement rings for her.

She’s not sure why her boyfriend is feeling like this, as they have extensively chatted about spending their lives together and having kids.

They also have discussed what kind of a house they will live in together, so it’s interesting that her boyfriend has been invested in all of those conversations, yet is getting upset about ring shopping.

There’s nothing that he has previously said to indicate that she’s more invested in their relationship than he is.

“We both love each other a lot and have such a beautiful relationship but this really confused me,” she said.

She isn’t happy that her boyfriend is feeling so bad about ring shopping, and she’s wondering if this is something that happens with other people.

Do you think her boyfriend is ever going to be ready to take the next step with her?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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