Her Fiancé Feels Like Canceling Their Wedding Since He Can’t Pitch In And Pay For It

Now he is using the excuse that they must cancel the entire wedding due to his lack of funds from the market crash.

While he has asked for a loan, the future wife worries he may invest the money into his stocks, only for his investments to rise and leave her with no portion of the share.

“One option was for me to lend him money, but I am reluctant to because he drafted and laid out in the prenup that any money made during the marriage from personal investment funds are separate,” she explained.

“I had fought for all earnings after marriage to be joint for situations like this when times are bad…”

Their situation is quite interesting. After a small portion of their background story has been brought to the public eye, should she lend him the loan for their marriage?

It sounds like a rough way to start a long-lasting life of through sickness and health!

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