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Her In-Laws Always Put Down Her Baking Skills So She Fooled Them Into Finally Trying Something That She Made

When the day of the get-together arrived, she snuck her cake pops in right next to the one that Kay had made without anyone realizing.

She could tell the difference though, as the cake pops that she created had a smoother coating and they were a bit smaller and more round as well.

Her in-laws were starting to eat the cake pops that she made, and not the ones that Kay had made, and they were really loving them.

Kay noticed that her cake pops were pretty much left untouched, and that’s when she decided to own up to what happened.

“Kay was confused and said hers were still on the table,” she said.

“That’s when I said, “Oh, I brought those. Glad you enjoyed them.” Her husband said he hadn’t had one yet (lies, he ate two) and everyone else just said, “yeah, they were okay.” Kay didn’t say anything the rest of the night.”

“Pete thought it was funny (he didn’t know what I did until the reveal) but his brother (Kay’s husband) said yesterday that what I did was mean and I’m just mad that Kay is a better baker.”

“But Pete said it’s ridiculous the family, including Kay, puts down my baking when they won’t even try it all because I’m not Kay.”

Do you think the way that she fooled her in-laws into finally trying something she baked was a brilliant move?

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