Not Long After This Puppy’s Family Brought Him Home, He Became Sick Out Of The Blue

Unfortunately, an hour after the ultra-sound was performed, the family was hit with gut-wrenching news that their newest family member, who was just 4-months-old, was diagnosed with intussusception and needed emergency surgery.

Luckily, the vets were able to find a surgeon who would be able to perform the surgery within a few short hours.

While the surgery was a success, the family worries he will never be able to have a normal puppy life.

The couple was able to come up with the money for the procedure. However, Brix has a long road of recovery ahead of him, and added expenses will continue to grow.

Paige Moore, one of Nicole’s cousins, has organized a fundraiser for the family in hopes she will be able to help raise money for a portion of the medical expenses. 

Brix is now home with his family and is on mandatory rest for 10-14 days. 

Paige would like to thank everyone who was able to donate and help support the family during this trying time. As of today, they have received 61 donations, ringing in $3,495.

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