People Online Shared Why They Are Single Right Now, And Some Of The Reasons Are Really Eye-Opening

Ferenc - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Finding someone to be in a romantic relationship with is tough. The rise of social media has made approaching new people in person terrifying, and many users of dating apps have unfortunately endured far from romantic experiences. Nonetheless, there are still tons of other reasons as to why people are staying single right now. In fact, over thirteen thousand Reddit users shared their thoughts on a now-viral thread.

Some Have Missed The Flirting Signs

“I am about as dense as a brick of lead. God gave me chances, and they all sailed right over my head. It’s always 2 a.m. when I realize my mistake.”


“I feel you. I have had friends ask me why I did not ask a girl for her number because she was obviously flirting. And I was totally oblivious to it.”


Others Believe Relationships Are “Too Much Work”

“Relationships and love are too much work and too complex for me. I find it exhausting and claustrophobic.”


Ferenc – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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