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She And Her Boyfriend Paid To Go On A Cruise Together, But Her Parents Are Refusing To Let Them Share The Same Room

michaeljung - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 20-year-old girl says that her mom and dad have forever been strict regarding her and her sisters too.

Their safeguarding nature extends into everything she does, and even though she’s pretty much an adult, they refuse to see things that way.

Her parents still refuse to let her go to the mall, park, or gym alone, they refuse to let her drive her car after sunset, they refuse to let her move somewhere else unless she gets married, and they refuse to let her go to her boyfriend’s home if his family isn’t present.

“It’s always been frustrating to me but every time I have brought up my opinions on anything I get shut down and told I am an ungrateful brat and they always say how they wish they had better children, they should adopt, or they should’ve had boys,” she explained.

“Sometimes they say all 3. On top of this, they always believe they can make better decisions for us than we can for ourselves which is why most of my life has been a series of decisions controlled by them.”

Her boyfriend is not a fan of how her parents treat her, which brings us to the current situation she’s facing with her family.

In a couple of weeks, she’s leaving for a cruise that her parents organized to celebrate the 4th of July.

Her parents invited everyone in their family to come along, under one condition: every single person had to foot the bill for themselves in order to join them on the cruise.

She’s been in a relationship with her boyfriend for 2 years, and their dream has been to take a cruise together.

michaeljung – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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