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She And Her Boyfriend Paid To Go On A Cruise Together, But Her Parents Are Refusing To Let Them Share The Same Room

She figured it would be a great idea to go on her family’s cruise trip with her boyfriend, and she fully expected her and her boyfriend to share a room on the trip.

“It is a 5-day cruise and we were going to do our own booking but my parents told us to book it through them so that we can save money,” she said.

“We ended up not saving any money since they didn’t have a deal for us so we spent over $1,100.”

“We have been saving up to move out so this was something that hurt our pockets but we both thought it was worth it because we wanted to enjoy our time together.”

Well, as she was asking her mom for the booking information so she could add an internet package to her reservation, she was shocked to learn that she is sharing a room with her mom, and her boyfriend is sharing a room with her dad.

She confronted her mom, who maintained that they didn’t find it acceptable for her and her boyfriend to share a room, so they made new accommodations for them without saying anything to her or her boyfriend.

She firmly believes that her parents planned this all along so she and her boyfriend would not be able to do things on vacation how they wanted to.

“I feel like they took advantage of us booking through them to have control over us,” she continued.

“I also feel betrayed as they went behind our backs to change the rooms without telling us. We are both adults and this was very disrespectful in my opinion.”

Her boyfriend wants to back out of the trip, even though they will lose basically all the money they put down for the cruise.

She attempted to get her older sisters to intervene, though they think she doesn’t get a say in the room situation because she needs to get with their mom and dad’s program.

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