She Checked Out A Guy’s Tagged Photos On Instagram And Now She Wants To Cancel Their Date

bernardbodo - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 23-year-old girl met a guy her age through a dating app, and they matched at the beginning of this month.

He went dark after they talked for a bit and he didn’t send her any messages for 2 weeks. Then, he popped back up and she’s been chatting with him nonstop since he reappeared.

A month ago, he moved to the same country as her, and he is right now living with a friend of his.

“We had a lovely convo and agreed we both like to meet up,” she explained. “He’s being really sweet over text. The moment we planned our date we also shared our number/Instagram.”

“Obviously, I checked out his IG. He looked nice in his own feed, pics of him and his friends (being silly), his dog, and traveling.”

She then stopped to take a look at all of the photos that this guy had been tagged in, and she was not so thrilled after she saw what was sitting on that part of his social media profile.

Every single picture of him with his friends appeared to be off to her. The photos featured this guy and his friends smoking, drinking, and engaging in behavior that she didn’t find humorous, like racing one another with shopping carts.

It’s one specific friend of this guy who tagged him in each of these photos, and the photos were all taken from 2015 through last year.

“Now I’m doubting if I should see this guy,” she said. “I have some family members who were addicted to drugs/alcohol so I’m really cautious with that.”

bernardbodo – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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