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She Got Her Husband Fired From His Job After She Told His Boss The Truth About Why He Didn’t Make It In To Work One Morning

“I straight up said no, because he was up all night playing video games and decided he wasn’t going the next day. His boss ended the call with me then I went to work.”

A couple of hours after she spoke to her husband’s boss over the phone and let him know the truth about why her husband wasn’t coming to work, her husband called her.

Her husband was on the other end of the line in panic mode. Her husband confessed to her that his boss fired him over a text message, and she owned up to being the reason why that happened.

Her husband went nuclear on her for messing things up for him, even though he’s the one who did that.

“I told him he can’t blame me after the pattern he’s set and the lack of commitment he’s shown to his former boss,” she continued.

“He yelled saying I did this to get back at him and to mess with his livelihood. He hung up but the nasty texts kept coming.”

When she got off work and arrived back home, her husband wouldn’t; speak to her, aside from complaining about her destroying his job instead of lying too.

She’s left wondering if she was in the wrong for getting her husband fired for good. Do you think so, or would you have done the same thing?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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