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She Has A Crush On Her Friend’s Boyfriend, But One Of Her Other Friends Thinks It’s Wrong For Her To Keep Quiet About It And Remain Close With The Happy Couple

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A 24-year-old girl moved to a new city for a job not too long ago, and it took her a bit before she made friends.

In the particular group of friends that she has, there’s Ben and Jane, and when she first met them, she assumed they were together, though it wasn’t the case back then.

Several months into hanging out with her group of friends, she started crushing on Ben, and she didn’t share that information with anyone.

“Shortly after I realized my feelings, Jane and Ben announced that they decided to start dating,” she explained.

“It sucked but I still love them both and I’m truly happy for them, albeit a bit jealous, but nothing major.”

“I can admit that they are a better couple than Ben and I would be. So while my feelings for him didn’t go away, I have no plans to do anything about them and I wish them the best.”

Now, she does have another friend named Alice who is not part of the same group that Ben and Jane are in, and she decided to reveal her feelings for Ben to Alice.

As soon as she told Alice about her crush on Ben, Alice accused her of being a jerk. Alice thinks it’s wrong for her to be friends with Jane and Ben when she has feelings for Ben and Jane doesn’t know about this.

Alice also thinks it’s not respectful for her to keep being close friends with the happy couple while faking that she feels nothing for Ben.

mavoimages – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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