She Hilariously Turns The Terrible Things Guys Say On Tinder Into Catchy TikTok Songs

Getting cringeworthy messages on dating apps can be considered a normal part of the dating process these days. However, sometimes the messages people receive are so absurd that they have just got to be shared.

A young musician on TikTok, Becky CJ (@beckycjmusic), has found a hilarious way to make light of some of the ridiculous messages people have received on dating apps.

It all started one year ago when Becky recorded a TikTok video of herself at her piano. Titled “Turning Tinder Nightmares Into Ballads Pt. 1,” Becky used a post from the Instagram account @tindernightmares where people share screenshots of some of the craziest messages they’ve received on the app and turned the interaction into a song.

The first song was set to the tune of “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey, which is appropriate, considering that the first line of the Tinder conversation was the opening lyrics to the song.

“Just a small town girl,” wrote the Tinder match with no other context.

To which the receiver replied, “Living in a lonely world.”

Becky then sings the following message to the tune of the song, and let’s just say, it certainly is not a very sane-sounding greeting. But hearing it beautifully sung by Becky is hilarious.

The video generated over 1 million views and led to one clever idea becoming a viral series on Becky’s page.

TikTok; pictured above is Becky in one of her videos

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