She Thought She Was Rescuing An Orphaned Kitten, But She Accidentally Took In A Baby Fox

After seeing an injured or orphaned animal on your property, you may be tempted to bring it inside for some tender love and care.

But, one California woman’s tale is a lesson to all that animals may not always be what they seem.

The Rocklin Police Department, located in northern California, shared the story of a woman who thought she was rescuing a helpless kitten from her backyard.

Instead, the “kitten” was later identified as a baby fox.

“A Rocklin resident got quite a surprise last week after realizing a tiny ‘kitten’ she had rescued turned out to be a fox kit,” the police department shared on Facebook.

Apparently, a “concerned family member” reached out to the police department after seeing the fox kit.

Animal Control promptly responded and relocated the baby fox to Gold Country Wildlife Rescue, located in Auburn, California, where it is now receiving care.

And while the woman was only trying to help, the Rocklin Police Department shared important advice for people who come into contact with injured or orphaned wildlife.

Facebook; pictured above is the baby fox that the woman thought was a kitten

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