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She’s 19 And Her Dad Is About To Marry A Woman Who Is Only 6 Years Older Than Her

She sees that the 25-year-old girl appears more often at her home; at this point, it feels like she lives at the house.

In addition, her 1-year-old son has a built-in permanent sandbox, which to the daughter means they are sticking around for longer than she would like them to.

So she asks her dad again to be honest with her about the situation. He then says you knew all along we were dating.

Unfortunately, the daughter is taking this quite difficult as she has a few mental issues that cause her to struggle more than anyone when it comes to socializing with people. This includes folks she has known for quite some time, not just strangers.

Fast forward to New Year’s Eve, and her father and the young women get engaged. When the daughter asks about the ring, he tells her the wedding and tickets are booked. The ceremony will be in Italy.

Feeling lost, confused, and disgusted by the age gap, the daughter does not know what to do next.

The relationship between her father and this young woman has affected the entire family, pushing the youngest to miss the man his father used to be and causing a disconnect with all the children.

Should she continue to metal or let it go and accept the man she once knew is no longer there?

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