She’s Really Concerned About Her Friend’s Intentions With Her Own Boyfriend After Her Friend Did A Few Red Flag Worthy Things To Him

So, her boyfriend has made no effort to get a roommate since he doesn’t want one. Despite this, Sarah sent her boyfriend a message wondering if she could move in with him.

“He called me right away and said he was not planning on accepting her offer,” she said. “She never mentioned anything to me.”

Then, yesterday Sarah send her boyfriend a Snap, and although it wasn’t anything suggestive, it really bothered her.

Sarah sent her boyfriend a photo of her watching a game at a sports bar, and she isn’t ok with Sarah just doing things like that.

“I think it’s odd that she did not bring up her interest in living with my boyfriend to me,” she continued. I want to bring it up to her but I am worried it will sound accusatory.”

How do you think she should address her concerns with Sarah, and do you think she should stop being friends with her too?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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