Someone Waited For Her To Come Home And Then Strangled Her To Death, Yet 26 Years Later Her Killer Is Still Out There

It was November 28th, 1996, and 29-year-old Kristen Lea Wilson’s family was expecting her to arrive so they could have Thanksgiving dinner together.

A couple of hours passed, and when Kristen failed to show up though, her mom and dad decided to head over to her place to see what was going on.

Kristen lived in Houston, Texas, in an apartment located on Meadowglen Lane. Kristen’s parents got to her apartment and they could clearly see that the front door of her unit was not locked.

They opened her door and walked inside, and that’s when her mom and dad found her dead, lying on the floor of her bedroom.

“Authorities believe Wilson’s assailant broke into her apartment before she came home, waited for her to arrive, and then strangled her,” the Texas Department of Public Safety said in a statement.

It appears that Kristen was attacked just as she walked through her own door that day. She was found with some of her clothing missing, with leads to authorities suspecting that whoever attacked her assaulted her too.

“Investigators determined that nothing was taken from her apartment,” the Texas Department of Public Safety explained. “Wilson was last seen alive the day prior, on Nov. 27.”

Although the Houston Police Department spent a lot of time trying to close Kristen’s case and bring her justice, it’s now been 26 years and her murder is still unsolved.

Texas Department of Public Safety; pictured above is Kristen

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