The Girl Her Boyfriend Cheated On Her With Keyed His Car And She’s Not Sure If She Should Tell Him - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 22-year-old girl has a 21-year-old boyfriend who cheated on her last November, but she was able to work through everything with him and they’re together despite his infidelity.

The girl her boyfriend cheated on her with is 19, and this girl reached out to her via text to try to make sure there was no ill will between the two of them.

She admits that her boyfriend tried to turn her and this girl against one another, and he lied to them on top of everything, so she doesn’t blame this other girl at all for what happened.

This other girl is still very mad at her boyfriend for two-timing her, which she is sympathetic to.

This other girl wasn’t actively trying to take her boyfriend away from her, and she didn’t have any bad intentions, so she agreed to talk to her.

“We’ve been talking as buddies for about a month now, and we even hung out once,” she explained.

“She was texting me last night about how she was going to a party and telling me how drunk she was.”

“She told me she keyed my boyfriend’s car this morning around 3 AM because she was so drunk…wanted her revenge and did it.”

This girl swore her to secrecy, and although she hasn’t told a single soul about it, she really feels obligated to tell her boyfriend since her loyalty is to him. – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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