The Guy That She Was First In Love With Is Getting Married, And She Hopes He Doesn’t Get His Happily Ever After

Her ex and his new woman split up for about a year or so, but they got right back with one another 3 years ago and are currently engaged.

“They both work in tech and have high-paying jobs as well, and seem to have a happy life with each other,” she said.

She understands that her ex and his best friend turned fiancée should be the last thing on her mind, but she can’t stop thinking about them and being hurt by their relationship.

She can’t bring herself to wish him and her the best, because she’s hoping that her ex doesn’t get his happily ever after.

“But I feel sort of bitter that he seems to have transformed into this great, successful adult, after everything he put me through, gaslighting me into believing I was jealous for suspecting something going on between him and this other woman,” she continued.

“Maybe it’s because I’m still single and not making a ton of money in my own life, but it just seems unfair that everything gets to work out for them?”

“Part of me deep down is rooting for them to divorce and be unhappy, and I know that’s a really ugly thing on my end.”

She’s wondering how she can handle her feelings of jealousy and what she can do to overcome this.

Do you have any words of wisdom for her?

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