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The Guy That She’s Been Hooking Up With Just Fell In Love With Another Girl And She’s Wondering If She Should Warn Her

“With a little digging, I found her Instagram,” she said. “Honestly, she seems snobbish but she is very beautiful and much younger than him.”

“She is posting on her story about how her boyfriend is buying her such expensive gifts and spoiling her and whatever.”

“I feel sort of betrayed because during my whole year of being with this man he has not ever paid for any of my things.”

She’s seriously considering reaching out to this girl to warn her about how this guy treated her, which wasn’t nice at all, as she is concerned he’s going to just use this girl as he used her.

She feels that she owes it to this girl to issue her a heads up, even if she doesn’t exactly heed her warning.

She also thinks this girl has a right to know that this guy has been sleeping with a lot of women in the last year, as she might not even know.

“They most likely won’t be getting married and when he’s done with this 21-year-old, who do you think he’ll come back to?” she wondered.

“There’s not going to be any laughing at me. He may not act like it, but sleeping with someone for a year creates an undeniable attachment.”

Do you think she should give this girl a heads up, or leave her alone to find out on her own?

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