This Cat Has An Extremely Rare Case Of Cancer In His Eye

Fremont, California. Pietro, a playful, happy cat with beautiful cream-colored fur, is facing an extremely rare health issue–the fur baby has developed lymphoma in his right eye.

Pietro, also affectionately more commonly known as “Monster,” according to his mom, Kara Ramos, started to have a swollen right eyelid about six months ago.

Unfortunately, his family did not immediately connect the swelling with something that needed urgent treatment. Instead, they thought something was just irritating his eye and would eventually disappear. 

“It seemed like nothing was wrong,” Kara stated as they first noticed the swelling. “His behavior was the same, his appetite was unaffected, his weight was unchanged, and he was just as affectionate, playful, and happy as always.”

However, the swelling did not go away as everyone thought it would but worsened steadily through time. 

Kara had taken Pietro to the vet for months with medication that tried to reduce the swelling, but nothing worked.

Ultimately, she took him to an eye specialist, where she was confirmed with the worst news–their sweet boy had lymphoma.

Pietro’s condition was even more stressful for Kara because, during a consultation with an oncologist, the family was informed how Pietro’s case was extremely rare as cysts usually appear in the lungs or liver instead of in the eye.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Pietro

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