This Dog And Her 12 Puppies Were Saved From A Kill Shelter, But Now They Urgently Need To Find A Foster Home

Pixies & Paws Rescue is a non-profit founded by Jennifer Lamb that is dedicated to saving neglected or abandoned animals and finding them homes they can thrive in.

Although Pixies & Paws Rescue is based in New Jersey, they save dogs from all across the United States and even parts of the Middle East.

Pixies & Paws Rescue frequently saves their animals from various states in the south, as that area tends to sadly have very high rates of euthanasia.

One dog named Grace and her 12 puppies were recently saved by Pixies & Paws Rescue from a shelter with a high kill rate.

It was under a week ago that Pixies & Paws Rescue stepped in to rescue this mama and her babies from losing their lives, and they had placed Grace and her puppies in a foster home.

Only a few hours ago, Pixies & Paws Rescue took to Facebook with a desperate plea on behalf of Grace and her puppies.

Although it seemed that Grace and her puppies were safe and sound in their foster home, the person who was fostering them decided to back out.

“This sweet family was rescued from being put down just short of a week ago in a high kill shelter,” they wrote in their Facebook post.

Facebook; pictured above is Grace with her puppies

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