This Little Dog Is Strangely Sick And Currently Fighting For Her Life

Glen Oaks, New York. Little sweet Lily is still on her journey to fight off a mysterious illness in her tiny 13-year-old body.

Yvette Schneider has organized a fundraiser for Elizabeth “Liz” Nargi, aka Lily’s mom, to help support the duo’s continuous search to locate and eventually cure what Lily has been suffering. 

In the post, Yvette explained that Lily has been battling a condition known as EPI for almost her entire life.

EPI, short term for Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, is a condition in which a body does not have enough pancreatic/ digestive enzymes to break down foods and absorb nutrients.

As a result, the condition would lead to malnutrition, according to VCA Animal Hospitals.

However, even alone with this life-threatening condition, Lily’s doctors are not sure how big of a part EPI is playing in her illness. And Lily has been going through tons of testing already.

“After almost every diagnostic available, all they know so far is that she is severely anemic, has fluid in the abdomen, threatening liver issues (but they found no mass on ultrasound), and a gastric ulcer,” Yvette stated.

The doctors had also discovered pronounced cardiac issues, for which they had to follow up with a cardiologist. But “Lily’s illness is still a mystery, and the danger is still mounting,” Yvette said.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Lily

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