This Single Mom Got Her Hand Caught In A Leaf Blower And Sadly Lost Pieces Of Her Fingers

On May 27th, Aimee, a professional photographer and single mother of four children, was in the middle of doing yard work when the unthinkable happened.

As she was cleaning up her yard, her hand was suddenly caught in her gas-powered leaf blower, leaving her left hand severely injured and the doctor questioning whether Aimee should have her hand amputated.

Luckily, upon evaluation by a team of specialists at Stanford Medical Center, Aimee’s surgeons were able to salvage most of her left index and middle fingers. Unfortunately, the fingers above the last knuckle are mostly gone.

Aimee now has a long road to recovery with many long-term uncertainties. This horrible incident’s physical and mental trauma will take more procedures and therapy sessions to help Aimee recover.

“Additional surgeries are likely necessary, but we don’t yet know the success of the initial emergency surgery performed late Friday night,” Erin Smith, who organized a GoFundMe for Aimee, wrote.

“The emotional trauma will also be a lot for her to manage along with the happy grind of her family life.” 

Aimee provided us with an update on June 27th. The independent mother of four is now more dependent than ever.

As a single mother and professional photographer, Aimee depends on her hands to secure the best photos for her clients and cook, clean, and change diapers for her children.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Aimee

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