45 Years Ago, This 20-Year-Old Indiana University Student Was Brutally Murdered: Now, Her Family Is Asking The Community For Answers

Nonetheless, the case of Ann’s murder has remained unsolved. Her friends and family have created a Facebook group, Who Killed Ann, as well as a GoFundMe campaign to spread the word about her cold case.

“Despite national attention and effort to find her killer and a number of leads, no arrests were ever made in the case,” the GoFundMe states.

At first, law enforcement believed that Steven Judy– a man convicted of numerous violent crimes in Indiana– was responsible.

But, police records later revealed that Judy was already in police custody due to an unrelated charge at the time of Ann’s murder.

So, forty-five years later, Ann’s friends and family are hoping to get justice once and for all.

“No DNA match has ever been made, but we are hopeful that forensic advances will lead to a break in the case. Our greatest hope is that someone will come forward with new information that will eventually solve the murder and finally get justice for Ann,” the GoFundMe added.

With a goal of ten thousand dollars, the GoFundMe campaign is meant to raise money for a reward fund.

The Harmeier family is asking that anyone with information come forward and contact them as soon as possible.

So far, only two donors have contributed a total of forty-five dollars to the fundraiser.

To learn more about Ann’s story, get into contact with her loved ones, or contribute to the cause, you can visit her GoFundMe link here.

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