A Helicopter Crash Landed On Top Of This Washington Teen Riding A Tractor, And The Teen Saved The Pilot’s Life

Logan Schneider, a recent high school graduate from Orondo, Washington, was finishing up work on his family’s cherry farm when the unthinkable happened.

While Logan rode a tractor back through the orchard, a helicopter flying overhead collided with power lines and landed on top of him.

The nineteen-year-old became pinned against his steering wheel while the nose of the helicopter sat just behind him.

Miraculously, Logan was able to free himself and turn his attention toward the helicopter’s pilot– who was trapped and hanging upside down.

“I heard him screaming. I looked and saw him upside down, hanging. Fire was everywhere,” Logan recalled.

Nonetheless, he jumped into action and worked to free the pilot.

“When I was in the moment, I really was not thinking. I was just doing,” Logan said.

Somehow, both he and the pilot only sustained minor burn injuries. Logan called the odds “one in a million.”

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