A Male Photographer Took Photos Of A Woman Without Her Clothes On Years Ago, And Although She Recently Asked Him To Delete The Photos, He Said No

Mikhaylovskiy - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A thirty-year-old male photographer recently ran into a sticky situation with a past client. He specializes in photoshoots of women without their clothes on, similar to boudoir photography and the like.

And a few years ago, the man met a twenty-year-old woman on a photography site. After chatting and getting to know each other, the woman expressed interest in having a nude photo shoot done.

The man agreed and actually photographed her for free. But, he had one condition– he wanted to use her nude photos anonymously to beef up his art portfolio.

The woman was fine with it at the time, and the pair parted ways. But, she recently reached out to him again and made a request the man is uncomfortable with.

First, the woman asked the man to take down all of her nude photos used in his online portfolio.

“I think it is because she started working in a relatively conservative field and worries about what other people might think of them,” the man said.

He understood her concern and claimed he was more than happy to take the photos offline. Nonetheless, he does have an issue with deleting his own hard copies.

“I refused to delete the offline copies in my hard drive,” the man explained.

His reasoning was that no one would see them except for him, and he values the hard work put into shooting and editing the photos. Ultimately, he does not want to give up those pieces of art.

Mikhaylovskiy – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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