A Rare Spotted Eagle Ray Flew Into This Alabama Family’s Boat And Prematurely Gave Birth To Four Pups

The family also continuously poured water over the ray, but the stress was just too much for her.

The ray ended up prematurely birthing four Spotted Eagle Ray pups due to all of the chaos. And unfortunately, the babies did not make it.

“We are devastated the babies did not survive, but there was nothing we could have done. The babies were donated to the Dauphin Island Sea Lab so others can learn about this amazing animal,” April said.

As for the mama ray, a team of four men was eventually able to hoist her back to safety in the water. She is now doing just fine.

And since April shared the bizarre incident on Facebook, her story has gone viral. It has earned thousands of shares, one thousand likes, and hundreds of comments.

“You did your best. Nature does what it does, and we can only hope that by saving the mama, she can go on to make a lot of babies in the future. Thank you!” commented one user.

“Poor babies! I am so glad you were able to help the mama, though,” wrote another user.

After being hit by the ray, April is also recovering well from a shoulder strain and sore collar bone.

To view her original Facebook post, visit the link here.

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