A Teen Singer Caught The Moment A Man Verbally Attacked Her In Public And Shared The Footage In A Now-Viral TikTok

“That’s nice, thank you! Have a lovely day,” Mia eventually said on her microphone off camera.

And after returning to her camera, she was visibly shaken– crying and trying to keep it together.

The completely unwarranted attack shocked the TikTok community, and the video gained 13.3 million views, 1.1 million likes, and over twelve thousand comments.

“Criticism is one thing, but to literally destroy someone’s confidence in public is so wrong. It already takes so much courage to be there,” wrote one user.

“Man walked up thinking he is Simon Cowell,” commented a second user.

“Some people are just mean for no reason! I am sorry that happened to you– keep doing you!” wrote a third.

To watch the original TikTok, visit the link here.

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