A United Airlines Captain Provided This Little Girl Who Lost Her Tooth With A Sweet Note For The Tooth Fairy

If you have been searching for a new airline to support, United Airlines may just win over your heart with this adorable story.

Lauren Larmon, a mom from South Carolina, was traveling United with her daughter, Lena, when they crossed a huge milestone– Lena lost her tooth.

She had fallen asleep during her flight home and woke up to the unexpected surprise. But, after the shock wore off, Lena immediately became “very concerned.”

First, she could not find her lost tooth. And second, would the tooth fairy even visit her house if there was no tooth under her pillow?

“[She was] very concerned that the tooth fairy would not show up because the tooth was lost somewhere on the plane,” Lauren explained in a Facebook post.

So, Lena wanted to go searching. According to Lauren, the little girl tried to walk back through security and onto the plane in order to find her tooth.

Of course, this was not allowed. But, the plane’s Captain Josh was thankfully in the vicinity and saw the whole ordeal.

Facebook; pictured above Captain Josh steps in to help Lena

He quickly came up with a genius idea to write the tooth fairy a letter, and Lauren shared the heartwarming note on Facebook.

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