American Girl Doll Memes Are Taking Over The Internet, Complete With Outrageously Unhinged Backstories

“We need an American Girl doll who tried to do her own bikini wax and cried.”

“We need an American Girl doll who developed an early understanding of hookup culture when she binge watched the first season of Jersey Shore at the age of 12.”

“We need an American Girl doll who tried the original Four Loko at a house party in 2011.”

“We need an American Girl doll who broke up with her ex for listening to too much Joe Rogan.”

“We need an American Girl doll who is twenty-seven years old, has no money, no prospects, and is frightened.”

The account posts daily, has almost one hundred and fifty thousand followers, and rakes in tens to hundreds of thousands of likes on each post.

To submit an idea for what American Girl doll “we need” next, you can visit the link here. Or, you can simply enjoy the satire that people around the globe are coming up with daily by visiting the Instagram account linked here.

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