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Before Meeting His Girlfriend’s Mom, He Looked Her Up Online, Only To Realize He Had Hooked Up With Her Several Times Before He Met His Girlfriend

Izabela Magier - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 38-year-old guy began dating a 26-year-old girl, and they spent 5 months together before she asked him to meet her family.

The day before he was supposed to finally meet his girlfriend’s family, he decided to look them all up online to see what they would be like.

It really was stressing him out to take their relationship to the next level like this, but what he found when he looked up his girlfriend’s mom made his heart sink.

As soon as he saw photos of her mom, he realized that he had hooked up with her multiple times last year after meeting her on a few dating apps.

He had only met up with his girlfriend’s mom for the physical aspect of things, and when they stopped seeing one another, they didn’t have any bad blood between them.

Knowing that his girlfriend got envious over things like being friends with his exes still on social media, he was not sure how to break this news to her.

He paused to consider it might be best to reach out to his girlfriend’s mom before meeting her officially, yet he decided against handling things that way.

Instead, he chose to tell his girlfriend before meeting her family.

“I told her that I went out with her mom before and just found out,” he explained. “She asked if we did anything, and I said yes. She actually didn’t ask when yet. She sort of laughed and said that is so (messed) up.”

Izabela Magier – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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