CDC Advises Florida State Residents To Seek Meningococcal Vaccine Amidst “Worst Outbreak” In Our History

For this separate outbreak, the CDC recommends that all Leon County college and university undergraduate students, students who live on-campus, and students who participate in Greek life obtain a MenB vaccine series.

Until then, officials encourage people to be on high alert for meningococcal disease symptoms.

They can appear without warning and rapidly worsen– including high fevers, headaches, neck stiffness, nausea, vomiting, and dark purple rashes. Moreover, be wary of intimate contact.

“People spread meningococcal bacteria to others by sharing respiratory and throat secretions (saliva or spit). Generally, it takes close or lengthy contact such as kissing or being near someone coughing to spread these bacteria,” the CDC said.

And, if you believe you are experiencing any symptoms, seek medical help as soon as possible.

“Meningococcal disease can affect anyone and can be deadly,” the CDC underscored.

If you or someone you know is in need of a vaccination, you can contact your local doctor’s office, community health center, or pharmacy.

“Insurance providers should pay for meningococcal vaccination for those whom it is recommended for during an outbreak,” the CDC stated.

For more information on the outbreak, visit the CDC’s complete press release linked here.

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