Dirty Shirley’s: How The “Drink Of The Summer” Is Taking Over The Internet

Legend says that a bartender in the 1930s created the now-iconic childhood drink “Shirley Temple” for the kid actress herself.

And this year, the nostalgic mocktail has gone viral in a new, alcoholic fashion.

“Dirty Shirley’s” are the latest craze after the New York Times called them the “drink of the summer.” And, lucky for you, the drink is exceptionally simple to make.

All you need is some chilled Sprite, grenadine, maraschino cherries, and your vodka of choice.

First, fill a glass with ice before adding about two ounces of vodka. Then, pour in a splash of grenadine and about a cup of Sprite. Finally, you can garnish the summer-red drink with some sweet maraschino cherries.

And while this drink is delightful, it is not exactly a reinvention of the wheel. So, why is it taking off now? Perhaps people are simply reveling in the nostalgia and enjoying feeling like a kid again.

Whatever the reason, though, the internet is loving it.

On TikTok alone, the #dirtyshirley has over 11.6 million views, with tons of users sharing their Shirley Temple concoctions.

TikTok; pictured above Courtney Shea makes a Dirty Shirley

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